Sports And Scout Federation (SSF)

About Federation

Sports And Scout Federation SSF, is established with the mission of overall development of children and youth to make them a better person and citizen. Apart from academic education every children must get exposure to other activities as well. Our motto is to provide "best of the opportunities" to all students in their endeavour to make India a strong nation. Activities relating to sports and physical education are essential components for human resource development. It helps to promote good health, comradeship and a spirit of friendly competition, which in turn, has positive impact on the overall development of personality. This leadership can guide India towards a greater achievement. Similarly, excellence in sports enhances the sense of achievement, national pride and patriotism. Sports also provide beneficial recreation, improve productivity and foster social and cultural harmony and discipline.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports and the Ministry of Human Resource Development have been continuously emphasizing the significance of sports, games, scouts guides, physical and health education for the overall development of children. In the National Sports Policy, 2001, high priority is accorded to the development of sports in the rural areas to harness the available unknown talents and potential. In this context, the Village Panchayats/Gram Sabhas as well as rural youth and sports clubs will be mobilised to facilitate development of the requisite infrastructure and for the identification of talent through an appropriate competition structure in the rural areas as also in the disadvantaged and remote parts of the country which appear to merit special consideration under various schemes including for the North East. There has been a strong tradition of indigenous and traditional games in practically all parts of the country through ages. Indigenous games are being promoted through schemes related to rural sports & Northeast Sports Festival.

Sports And Scout Federation SSF will provide the right opportunities for our youth, the future of this country, to make them physically and mentally stronger. We will work in collaboration with the Private and Government Schools, Institutions to promote Scouts and Guide, Sports, Yoga, Meditation and Self Defence to achieve its purpose of developing young people physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

We are working to tap hidden talents for participation in sports events at the national and international levels which requires adequate attention and nourishment of capable students at village and district level. Towards the endeavour, we are introducing several schemes to tap the hidden talents in the schools by introducing various options of scouting, guiding, sports, self defence, yoga and meditation.